A clean environment and a better world concept add value to the future!

We work in order to leave a better and cleaner world to the next generations and for this purpose we produce environment friendly products within the frame of environment friendly management concept, in compliance with the national and international standards.

The criteria we determined as Seranit Porselen for an environment friendly production;

- To keep under control, the possible important effects on the environment and human health, arising of the activities of our company,

- To efficiently use the energy and raw materials in order to protect the natural resources,

- To prevent the pollution at the source,

- To create a culture that is open to continuous development for a breathing environment and to increase the environment awareness of our employees, suppliers and the society.

As Seranit, we manage all our activities as integrated with the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and show the maximum effort in order to be a model company in the building materials sector.
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