Why is porcelain?
- Hygienic, does not contain bacteria.
- Does not absorb water when cooked at high temperatures.
- Frost and heat resistant. (ISO 10545-12 Frost resistance) (ISO 10545-9: Thermal shock resistance)
- Can be used for indoor and outdoor all weather properties.
- Breakage, wear-resistant to bending. ISO 10545-4-5-6
- High-temperature sintering surface.
- 8 Mohs Hardness (matt)
- 7 mohs (glossy)
- Chemical resistant. (ISO 10545-13)
- Seranit resistant to dilute acids and bases. Hydrochloric acid, bleach, detergent, cleaning agent can be easily cleaned with any type of. .
- Dairy factories
- Metal finishing mills (electrolysis)
- Paint industry
- Heavy-duty equipment used in hygienic environments of interest are used.
- Sunlight (UV) is not affected.
- Ensures ease of cleaning.
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