Following the innovations in the modern production technologies and adapting these into its existing technopark promptly, and as a result, continuously developing its strong infrastructure, Seranit draws attention as the leader of the firsts in the porcelain tile sector:

The first factory of Turkey producing technical porcelain,

Thanks to the Research & Development and Production & Development works developed within its structure, the producer of many generic products such as Super White, which became the generic brand of the sector,

The first company putting on the market, the technical porcelain series in the sizes of 60x60 cm and 60x120 cm and, by breaking new grounds in 2007, the technical porcelain in the sizes of 90x90cm and 90x135cm, in addition to the standard sizes, together with different color and finish alternatives,

The company bringing into the sector the innovations and facilities with the application techniques developed in the exterior façade applications,

The brand preferred with priority in the projects, thanks to its product range outstanding with its rich color and size alternatives, trend-setting designs.
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